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The Conversations on Morality, Politics, and Society (COMPAS) program of the OSU Center for Ethics and Human Values.


Jeffrey Sachs Speech at Ohio State

As part of its effort to promote civil and informed debate on important social and political issues, and to bring together researchers and students from across the University and the wider community, the OSU Center for Ethics and Human Values (CEHV) conducts a series of “year-long, University-wide conversations” called “Conversations on Morality, Politics, and Society” (COMPAS).

The COMPAS program aims to demonstrate how the University’s comprehensive intellectual resources can be aligned along their ethical dimension in order to help solve some of the serious problems confronting us. Through the COMPAS program, we hope not only to establish a new, more expansive model for a university ethics center, but to show how ethical concern provides a basis for productive exchange on complex social issues among researchers from diverse fields, and between the University and the broader community.

COMPAS has three main components:

  1. An “Academic Core” program includes two major interdisciplinary conferences and six other COMPAS Colloquia
  2. A “University Life” program coordinated with other University units and programs, including outreach beyond the University community
  3. An “Educational” program anchored by a COMPAS-related undergraduate course (ASC 2400 & ASC 2400E).
“University Life” coordinated activities organized by Buckeye Book Community, the Undergraduate Colloquium Series, the Wexner Center for the Arts, University Library, a number of other units, make the Conversation a truly University-wide program.
COMPAS programs will enrich the research of scholars and the education of graduate and undergraduate students at OSU, and demonstrate the value of the University as a model of civil, informed discourse.
For more information on the development of the proposed OSU Center for Ethics and Human Values, please e-mail Professor Donald Hubin or call him at (614) 292-0139.